Corporate Receptions

Freshly made, ethnically inspired, away from the "same old", enliven your receptions with menus tailor-made for the groups you want to entertain and impress. We will bring everything needed to your office or off-site.

No more boring sandwich trays with dry bread. Our baker makes the bread fresh for your event. Soups are prepared using seasonal produce, locally sourced. Spring brings asparagus, sugar snap peas and morels to our plates. Think Spelt pilaf with wild mushrooms, roasted asparagus with lemon zest and freshly grated Parmesan cheese and locally-sourced morels sauteed in butter with fresh thyme. 

Your receptions, whether on a college campus or in the law office, will have your guests leaving with a smile on their face, knowing they have been treated specially with quality, full-flavored food. We personally know all of our staff who pay attention to every detail.